Women’s Health

Synergy+ offers an innovative approach to women's health. It uses Pilates-based physical therapy care and manual work. At Synergy+ you will find a supportive environment. It has been designed by women for women.

Our physical therapy for women's health addresses:

Women's issues related to the female reproductive system.

Childbirth and postpartum.

Incontinence, pelvic pain, and disorders linked with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Issue related to breast cancer.


Learn proper muscular control of the pelvic floor.
Incorporate it into your daily life in order to:
Increase core strength and stability
Decrease pelvic floor pain
Increase urinary bladder control
Understand how the pelvic floor control everyday life

A woman doing Pilate Online at home


The SI joint is an area often neglected in the treatment of low back pain and in the context of women’s health.

Learn about the SI joint and how to manage dysfunction through:

stabilization exercises

proper posture for the SIJ

techniques to reduce pressure on the SIJ


Restoring and increasing your pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance
Restoring low back, pelvis and hip joint, stability, and movement.


We have created Pilates-based programs to suit the changing needs of your body.
Prepare your body for pregnancy.
Maintain strength and flexibility during pregnancy.
Prepare your body for the physical work of giving birth.


We have created Pilates-based exercise programs to help pregnant women. Our goal is to help you:1- Return to PRE pregnancy body strength and shape<
2- Focus on the pelvic floor and abdominal muscle strengthening
3- Release upper back stress
4- Improve SI joint stability
5- Stretch the chest, arms, and upper back muscles


Directs toward women who are battling breast cancer, or
who have completed breast cancer treatment
With Pilates we teach you how to:
1- Increase your range of motion
2- Increase your overall fitness and wellness
3- Move and develop the body without increased side effects

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