Tiziano Grifoni


General manager

When Zeina became overloaded and overworked with things she did not like nor wanted to do, such as general administration, marketing & PR, HR, accounting, website and app development, computer & technology, social media, video production & editing, and studio equipment & maintenance, she asked her husband to come and help. And since 2008, Tiziano has done just that.

I full-heartedly recommend Synegy+ for the best Pilates studio in the Bay Area. Zeina is a treasure-house of knowledge about the body. She has a specialized skill set earned through rigorous study and a heck of a lot of experience. What strikes me most though is her empathy and attitude of acceptance that allows her to connect deeply and support healing, empowerment, and upliftment for students!

I just love Synergy, Zeina and Tiziano are a joy to be around!

Lauren Z

Yoga instructor

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