How often have you heard the phrase, “don’t break your back!”? I heard this warning often by my concerned mother while attempting crazy sports maneuvers like the contortions I did as an aerialist. 


Though we rarely actually break our backs, back injuries are quite common. 80% of Americans will complain of back pain at some time in their lives. Additionally, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide with back pain being one of the top reasons for missing work.* The pain can come from any number of things but most often it is an accumulation of bad habits and poor posture over the years that can eventually lead to injury and sometimes require surgery. 


The great news is that good mechanics, improved posture, healthy body weight, and a strong core will help prevent and decrease the incidence of back pain and speed up the healing process.


A regular exercise regime that stretches out tight muscles and strengthens the abdominals is key to stabilizing the back.  Our favorite Pilates back-strengthening exercises at Synergy+ include the coccyx curl, bridge roll up, predicting the load, and double leg extensions.  


 Incorporating stretches including the hamstring stretch and piriformis or figure 4 stretch also go a long way in preventing injuries and keeping the back healthy.


Ready to get moving?


Please join me for a Pilates class tomorrow, Thursday, May 7th at 8:30 am and 5:00 pm pst, and learn proper shoulder alignment while building back strength! If you’re new to the studio, come try out a first class for free. Head here to sign up:


Looking forward to seeing you on your mat and helping you helping you keep your back healthy and strong! 


In health,

Zeina Grifoni, MPT and Synergy+ PT & Pilates Founder


*American Chiropractic Association: Back Pain Facts