All seasons have their fans, people who anxiously look forward to seeing their favorite season – summer, fall, and winter. Of all the seasons, spring seems to be both the most loved and the least liked of all. The spring is a time when virtually everything around us tends to “spring” into life. The colorful and dazzling flowers bloom in our gardens. The beautiful birds, that have migrated away during the cold winter and the roasting summer, are now once again chirping away outside our windows, in our parks, and in our woodlands. The curious bunnies, piglets, chicks, ducklings, and squirrels run around discovering their new worlds.

But the spring also brings allergies! In fact, there are 50 million-odd Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. I am sneezing as I am writing this!! Just like the birds, the mosquitos are also back, keeping us awake at night buzzing around our ears in the dark, and feasting on us. The Deer tick, which transmits Lyme disease are most active during the spring. If you love the outdoors you need to think about protecting yourself from potential tick bites. And to make things worse, spring is also tax season. Taxes are due on April 15th, which falls smack in the middle of it.

Whether or not you are a fan or a hater of the spring season, everyone agrees that the tender spring sunshine will persuade most of us to leave the house, or the office, for the outdoors. A 2011 study found that, compared with an indoor workout, exercising outdoors in nature increased energy levels, made people feel revitalized, and decreased tension. Working out also boosts the immune system.

Boosting The Immune System During Springtime

One simple way to avoid some common ailments that accompany the spring is to remain physically active. Although Pilates is not necessarily outdoor activity, we have found that doing Pilates exercises regularly not only helps to build strength, improve balance, coordination and flexibility, but it also helps to build and develop a strong immune system.

How To Live Healthily During Springtime

The best way to live healthy during springtime is to protect yourself from those annoying mosquitos, avoid crowded sidewalks during rainy days, file your taxes early, and spend more time doing your favorite sport, either outdoors or indoors. And guess what? Spring is also the best time to join a Pilates studio and attend regular Pilates classes with your favorite and experienced teachers you will find at Synergy+. Synergy+ has developed Pilates privates and group classes that are accessible to all people, from the injured one to the competitive athlete.

While wondering whether Pilates is your best option to get strong and improve your immune system, here are some Pilate exercises to get you “springing” into a healthy springtime.


  1. Pilates “Scissors”

‘Scissors’ is a great Pilates exercise to prepare you, among other things, for running. It is an advanced Pilates mat exercise that calls for tremendous shoulder and pelvic stability and hip flexibility. This exercise also provides a stretch to your hamstrings (back of the thighs) and the iliopsoas (hip muscle), opening the front of your hips.

  1. The Saw

Similar to the Scissors, the Pilates ‘Saw’ helps one prepare for the running season. It also provides a good foundation to improve posture. The Saw exercise strengthens the muscles of the spine, and stretches the hamstrings, hips, and deep abdominal muscles. It can help improve your posture and promote a more stable body with controlled movement throughout. The Saw is an important lesson in pelvic stability as well.

  1. Rolling Like A Ball

‘Rolling Like a Ball’ is a fun Pilates exercise that massages your back and engages your abs. While it’s a great back massage, this movement both requires and helps build strength and control.

  1. Open Leg Rocker


The Pilates ‘Open Leg Rocker’ is a great abdominal workout, benefiting trunk stabilization and spinal articulation. It is a Pilates exercise that requires balance and control. This exercise provides an opportunity to practice using sequential control between the upper and lower abdominals

  1. Swimming

Swimming also targets the back-extensor muscles. Strong back extensors are needed to reduce the tension in your neck and shoulders. They are a key component of the long spine position typical of  Pilates exercises and will help you maintain good posture in daily life.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to lock yourself up inside the house to hide from mosquitos, Deer ticks, or larger than life umbrellas, or enjoy the new life, fun, and excitement that springtime brings back every year, one thing is clear: you better commit to regular fitness exercise. Pilates is our favorite discipline that everyone should do as a stand-alone routine for strength and posture, or as part of a broader sports program to help you reach optimal performance and results. If you intend to sign up for Pilates classes make sure they are taught by experienced Pilates instructors who went through a comprehensive and rigorous Pilates teacher certification program and are able to modify each Pilates exercise to suit your specific needs. If you are looking for this kind of Pilates teachers, consider joining our studio! We are here to help.

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