Silvana Stubbings


Beauty & Body Sculpting specialist

Silvana is a Bead Weaver, curator at Brass Elephant Collective, former Portrait and Wedding Photographer, mom to a 14-year-old Luca and wife to Facebook less Dean. She is also a very quick learner and a great asset, overall. In addition to helping at the front desk in the mornings, she is an artful graphic designer for our posters and Instagram/Facebook accounts. When she is not at the front desk you will find her upstairs in the Body Sculpting Marin Spa room, where she has become very effective operating the new Bionexis vacuum and radiofrequency machine that improves body contour, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and tightens the skin on the face and throughout the body. For more information regarding Body Sculpting Marin follow this link.

We asked Silvana to give us a quick feedback about her time at the studio: “Loving the time I’m spending with this amazing Synergy Team and Clients.”

Silvana is amazing! The whole experience is great and I’m seeing results already. Definitely would like to come back.

Amira S.

A happy client

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