Yeah! February is here again, and the buzz word in the air is love. Yes, it is a time to show love to your loved ones (obviously) friends, family, and most importantly yourself. Well, when it comes to caring for yourself, you may quickly cut in saying that you do that on a daily basis. By this, you may be confident about the fact that you eat the best foods, live in a nice home, wear fashionable clothing and even ride in a zero-emission vehicle! Yes, all of these are pretty amazing ways to care for yourself and to give yourself the best treatment in life. But beyond these, are other (possibly better ways) to care for yourself and in extension, care for others around you?

The Best Forms of Self-Care

Everyone gets caught up in their daily routines – probably because that’s what pays the bills. Simply because you attach so much importance to your routine, it is very easy to forget that your body needs your time and attention. See, that’s where the place of self-care comes in very importantly. And doing this might just involve signing up for some Pilates classes where you can take care of your physical health, mental health and in fact, your overall wellbeing. Just like you can rightly guess, missing out on some forms of self-care is an easy route to being overstressed, overwhelmed, overworked or even falling sick – obviously, you wouldn’t want such to be the case with you. So, to give you a heads-up on self-care here are some simple but very effective ways to develop a habit of self-care.

  1. Staying Physically Active

Having regular exercise goes way beyond just seeing your fitness goals come true. Being physically active is one of the best ways to show yourself much love because by doing so, you are actually preparing your body for different activities you may want to engage in. Remember that planning for any activity without being fit enough to carry out such an assignment is as good as not planning for it at all. So, joining some fitness classes where you can work out using some cool equipment like the Pilates reformer is an amazing way to show your entire body system that you truly care about yourself. In case the idea of showing your body that you truly care doesn’t make much meaning to you, staying physically active also helps to improve your mental health as well as reducing your level of anxiety, stress and even exposure to chronic diseases.

  1. Rest and sleep more

Another good way to practice self-care is making time to rest and sleep more. Beyond sleeping at night, taking a few moments to ZZZ is a good way to handle stress, be productive and also a way of refreshing your senses for the task ahead. 

  1. Eating Clean and Learning To Say No

It definitely won’t be breaking news that what we eat affects us directly or indirectly. Like you already know, feasting more on processed, junk, and unhealthy food is a cheat sheet to various forms of health complications such as excess fat, weight gain, and even poor health. Developing the habit of being choosy about what you eat, which are actually good for your body and say a firm “No” to those foods that your body doesn’t need is another awesome way to care for yourself.

By this, you can feast more on veggies, low-fat dairy products, fruits and other dietary ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3-fatty acids to help you build your immune system to stay strong and healthy against common diseases.

  1. Unplugging For A While

No doubt, it is a good virtue to be hardworking, focused and dedicated, but beyond all these, you need to make time for yourself. Finding time to unplug from your activities, and spending some time with the people you love and care for is another way to exhibit self-care since this is one of the time you can actually do those things you wouldn’t have the time to do when on the go.

  1. Become a Certified Pilates Instructor

Well, we are biased. After all, we teach Pilates and integrate it into our physical therapy programs, with excellent results. But seriously, Pilates teachers are healthy, strong, fit. Training to become a certified Pilates teacher prepares your body and mind for a new career – helping people become more fit, toned and balanced. And while helping other people master Pilates, preparing to be a Pilates teacher does benefit your own body as well. Here is how:

  • You will develop a higher-than-average fitness. Doing Pilates correctly requires a strong core and learning to teach Pilates to others will force you to become an expert Pilates practitioner able to perform the most strength and balance requiring exercises.
  • You will lower your stress level. Combing doing something you love (learning to become a Pilate teacher and then teaching Pilates to your clients) with daily exercise, which is a natural stress reliever, will make you feel really good – reducing your stress.
  • You will increase your ability to heal from injury. Part of Synergy+ Pilates Instructor Certification program incorporates the knowledge of body, biomechanics, and anatomy. The students will learn how to use Pilates and modify the exercises to work will all clients, from the injured person to the competitive athlete. for rehabilitation. The program teaches Pilates students.
  • You will increase your confidence. Pilates trains people to increase core strength and correct and improve body posture while sitting, standing, walking, and performing activity and sport with increased grace and performance. Correct posture and graceful movements are signs of self-confidence and gentle but firm manner.


Here’s How You Can Care For Others

Unknown to many people is the fact that showing some level of care to others is an indirect way to practice self-care. There are different ways you can show care to people around and far away from you, and by doing this, you invariably give them reasons to be happy and have a sense of belonging.

  1. Reach Out To Those In Need

One great way of caring for others is by helping those in need. Once you develop the habit of caring you will instantly have the instinct to spot those in need around you. By doing this, you can think of one way or another of helping such people.

  1. Appreciate The People In Your Life

As simple as the act of appreciation may seem, it is a great way to show care to others. Well, you may think that the benefits you receive from others are a function of what you’ve done for them in the past or that they are simply responsible for being there for you each time you need them. Appreciating and showing the people in your life that you value them so much is another way you can show care to them since you’ll see them as deserving at each time they call out to you.

  1. Share With Others

There is a common saying that “sharing is caring.” Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean that the people you are sharing with are in need. It is simply an act of showing others that you care for them. Sharing may not only involve material things. You can also share your knowledge.

  1. Volunteer

Volunteering is really a great way to show that you care. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities around us. Volunteering improves the lives of others.

To conclude, self-care is one of the best ways to live a healthy and sound life. It may be as simple as signing up for some Pilates classes in a gym, eating clean or even having some restful sleep. Caring for others is also another important way to exhibit self-care. Caring for others makes them and you happy.

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