Running analysis

Running is a great form of exercise and fitness. But running is a high impact and repetitive activity. If one's running mechanics is not ideal, it can cause pain and injuries. Some of the more common running injuries we see include:

Hip pain
Knee injury
Iliotibial band dysfunction
Stress fractures, and
Back pain

Assessing how one runs is therefore important, not only to avoid injury, but also to increase performance. During a running analysis we identify and correct faulty movement patterns that include:

1- Body position
2- Foot strike
3- Hip and knee alignment
4- Joint stiffness
5- Muscle weakness or tightness, and
6- Hypo or hyper mobility.


Our physical therapists can perform a running analysis for those who would like to start running or to help the seasoned runner increase efficiency, perfect cadence and foot strike, correct imbalances, and decrease unnecessary forces on the body. Specifically, after a running evaluation, you will learn:

  • Your ideal stride, cadence, and running form
  • A proper running technique
  • Exercises and stretches and individual correction to improve your running form
  • How to prevent running injuries, and
    What type of running shoes are best suited for you and the need for an orthotic

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