I wholeheartedly recommend Synegy+. It is the best Pilates studio in the Bay Area. Zeina is a treasure-house of knowledge about the body. She has a specialized skill set earned through rigorous study. She also has a heck of a lot of experience. What strikes me most is her empathy and attitude of acceptance that allows her to connect deeply. This ability heals, empowers, and uplifts her students!

I just love Synergy+, Zeina, Tiziano and the entire staff are a joy to be around!

Lauren Z

Yoga instructor

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Recommended props to use in our virtual mat classes

  1. KFoam roller
  2. Squishy ball 
  3. Yoga strap
  4. Theraband
  5. Exercise mat (yoga mat will work too) 
  6. Pilates ring