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Pilates Certification

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Become a Certified Pilates Instructor or Master your Pilates Practice

Synergy+ offers a unique Pilates Instructor Certification course taught by a physical therapist and Certified Pilates Teacher. The next Pilates Teacher Training course start January 2020

Course Info

Synergy+ has been teaching Pilates Certification courses since 2005, with full mat and equipment courses directed by Zeina A. Grifoni, Board Certified physical therapists and Pilates Instructor. The Pilates instructor training program is designed to create thoughtful and successful Pilates instructor who sequences movements appropriately and can modify the exercises to safely work with a large population of clients, from the injured person to the competitive athlete.  The curriculum is based on the classical Pilates repertoire and follows a systematic approach to studying Pilates grounded in the evidence-based practice of physical therapy. The course is modular and progressive, allowing each student to build on her/his current level and education. This course can also be a great opportunity for already certified Pilates instructors to learn new teaching tools and, in particular, sequencing and recommended modifications of exercises to use with clients who are injured or have chronic pain. The course is taught by Zeina A. Grifoni on Wednesday evenings.




I was so impressed with Zeina’s clarity and detail in how she presents the exercises-from exactly the way to perform the exercise, to the progressions as well as modifications for nearly any injury-this course will provide anyone the skill set to be an excellent Pilates instructor.

Laura Winner

DPT & Certified Pilates Teacher

The opportunity to study with Zeina, was an honor. Her training program was very thorough from practice to anatomy to the history of Pilates. Zeina was very generous of time, spirit and knowledge for the zillions of questions that I asked regarding any part of the curriculum.

Allegra Gibson

Certified Pilates Teacher

Course details

Course modules and dates

Course starts January, 2020

Module 1: Pilates Concepts Review, Mat and Foam Roller - 5 week module

Module 2: Reformer - 5 week module

Module 3: Springboard - 3 week module

Module 4: Chair - 4 week module

Module 5: Cadillac, Barrel/Arc and Course Wrap Up - 5 week module

Practical Testing:  – TBD in September 2020

Written Testing:  – TBD in November 2020

Please note that any date may be subject to change.

The full course is made up by the five sequential modules. Students can also sign to for single modules.

Course cost

Pay by Module: $900 / module

Testing per module: $200 per module test (includes certificate of completion)

Pay in full: $4,200

Full Testing: $350 (includes certificate of completion)

Class manuals: $30 per module


Requirements for Completion

General Requirement

In order to complete the certification, the Student will need to perform the repertoire from pre-Pilates to the advanced repertoire as well as pass a written and practical exam that will include anatomy, exercise names, posture, and exercise modifications

Self Practice Hours Requirement

Each student is required to complete the following self -practice hours in addition to course work:

Mat – 60 Hrs

Reformer – 60 Hrs

Springboard – 30 Hrs

Cadillac – 15 Hrs

Chair – 30 Hrs

Barrel – 15 Hrs

Student Teaching Hours Requirement

Each student is required to complete the following teaching hours in order to receive a certificate:

Mat – 100 Hrs

Reformer – 100 Hrs

Springboard – 50 Hrs

Cadillac – 25 Hrs

Chair – 25 Hrs

Barrel – 25 Hrs

Assistant Teaching Requirements

Within the self-practice and student teaching hours, the Student needs to have 10 hours of assistant teaching for group classes (either at Synergy+’s place of business or other facility), and 20 hours of observation of private sessions.

Examination Requirement

Each student will be required to pass both a written exam and a practical exam in order to receive his/her certification.

Course Material

Additional cost/expenses:  Each student will be responsible for the purchase of his/her own manuals in addition to the course material that is distributed during class.  These can be purchased through Synergy+ or independently.

Reference material

Required Reference Material

  1. Pilates, Joseph H., Return to Life Through Contrology, Pilates Method Alliance, INC, Miami, 2003. ISBN 0-9768232-0-9
  2. Kendall, McCreary, Provance; Muscles Testing and function, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, current version.
  3. Blandine Calais-Germain, Anatomy of Movement, Eastland Press, Seattle, updated version.

Recommended Reference Material

  1. PMA certification manual. (This can be attained on the PMA web site)
  2. Anatomy atlas: such as Netter and/or Trail Guide to the Body, or an anatomy app in 3D (these can be viewed at the studio if interested prior to purchase).

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