Pilates Teacher Certification Course

Zeina A Grifoni
I was so impressed with Zeina’s clarity and detail in how she presents the exercises-from exactly the way to perform the exercise, to the progressions as well as modifications for nearly any injury-this course will provide anyone the skill set to be an excellent Pilates instructor.
Laura Winner

DPT & Certified Pilates Teacher

The opportunity to study with Zeina, was an honor. Her training program was very thorough from practice to anatomy to the history of Pilates. Zeina was very generous of time, spirit and knowledge for the zillions of questions that I asked regarding any part of the curriculum.
Allegra Gibson

Certified Pilates Teacher


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A complete certification course recognized by the National Pilates Certification

🔹 Applied Basic Anatomy 🔹
🔹 Mat & Roller 🔹
🔹 Reformer 🔹
🔹 Springboard 🔹
🔹 Chair 🔹
🔹 Cadillac 🔹
🔹 Barrel/Arc 🔹

14 hours of applied basic anatomy

🔹 Planes of movement & anatomy basics 🔹
🔹 Lumbar Spine and SI joint 🔹
🔹 Cervical and Thoracic Spine 🔹
🔹 Hip & Knee 🔹
🔹 Ankle & Foot 🔹
🔹 Shoulder 🔹
🔹 Elbow/Wrist/Hand 🔹

3 hours of posture workshop

✅ 3 hours of gait workshop

Zeina Grifoni, Physical Therapist

PILATES TEACHER CERTIFICATION COURSE starts JANUARY 2022. Livestream on Zoom. We meet once per week for 4 hours per week of intensive training.

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This course is taught by Zeina A. Grifoni, a licensed physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and movement and rehab specialist. She is the owner of Synergy+ Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio in San Rafael, CA and in Locarno, Switzerland. Zeina has been teaching Pilates certification courses since 2005.

This course is based on a modern Pilates repertoire originating from Joseph Pilates’s original work. The original Pilates principles are maintained through the repertoire and exercises are taught in their original sequences, with precise rhythm and flow. Also ingrained in the Synergy+ repertoire are ideas for exercise modifications providing a more in-depth knowledge of how to work with all types of clients, from someone with an injury to the competitive athlete

This course has been created specifically for the student who is looking for a comprehensive Pilates instructors certification course that teaches practical applications he or she can use to work with any client, from the injured person to the athlete.


The certification course incorporates 18 years of Zeina’s physical therapy knowledge

It teaches how to be safe with all kinds of clients that walk into the door

It integrates applied basic anatomy into the movement work that you will learn in the course

Posture Workshop:

✅ Understand the basis of all our movement, through posture!

✅ Learn to conduct a postural analysis and practice on your classmates

✅ Learn common postural deviations

✅ Understand how postural changes can cause pain and poor body function

The Gait Workshop:

✅ Understand the basic mechanics of a walking gait stride

✅ Learn appropriate amounts of range of motion necessary for a proper gait cycle

✅ Learn to assess for abnormalities in a gait pattern

✅ Practice a gait analysis on your classmates

Check out Zeina’s teaching style module by module

More about the course

The course’s goal is to develop thoughtful and successful Pilates instructors who can:

Sequence exercise movements to create flow, and

Modify the exercises to work with all clients, from the injured person to the competitive athlete.


This course is unique because it teaches:

A modern Pilates repertoire based on the classical Pilates

A Pilates that incorporates knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy

The dos and don’ts learned in the past 18 years working with clients in a rehab setting


course highlights


🔹 The teachers of the course are physical therapists and certified Pilates teachers with 30 years of combined experience in the field of rehabilitation, sports medicine, and fitness.


    🔹 Join the Synergy+’ team of highly qualified instructors or we can help you start your own Pilates business.



      🔹 General Requirement

      In order to complete the certification, the Student will need to perform the repertoire from pre-Pilates to the advanced repertoire as well as pass a written and practical exam that will include anatomy, exercise names, posture, and exercise modifications

      🔹 Self Practice Hours Requirement

      Each student is required to complete the following self -practice hours in addition to course work:

      Mat – 60 Hrs

      Reformer – 60 Hrs

      Springboard – 30 Hrs

      Cadillac – 15 Hrs

      Chair – 30 Hrs

      Barrel – 15 Hrs

      🔹 Student Teaching Hours Requirement

      Each student is required to complete the following teaching hours in order to receive a certificate:

      Mat – 100 Hrs

      Reformer – 100 Hrs

      Springboard – 50 Hrs

      Cadillac – 25 Hrs

      Chair – 25 Hrs

      Barrel – 25 Hrs

      🔹 Assistant Teaching Requirements

      Within the self-practice and student teaching hours, the Student needs to have 10 hours of assistant teaching for group classes (either at Synergy+’s place of business or another facility), and 20 hours of observation of private sessions.

      🔹 Examination Requirement

      Each student will be required to pass both a written exam and a practical exam in order to receive his/her certification.

      🔹 Course Material

      Additional cost/expenses:  Each student will be responsible for the purchase of his/her own manuals in addition to the course material that is distributed during class.  These can be purchased through Synergy+ or independently.

      🔹 Required Reference Material

      1. Pilates, Joseph H., Return to Life Through Contrology, Pilates Method Alliance, INC, Miami, 2003. ISBN 0-9768232-0-9
      2. Kendall, McCreary, Provance; Muscles Testing and function, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, current version.
      3. 3D for Medical Complete Anatomy App. (https://3d4medical.com/)

      🔹 Recommended Reference Material

      1. PMA certification manual. (This can be attained on the PMA web site)
      2. Anatomy atlas: such as Netter and/or Trail Guide to the Body.


        🔹 Virtual – $4,200

        All lectures, demos, practice, and testing will be done remotely. The students need to have access to all Pilates equipment (Mat, foam roller, Reformer, Cadillac, Springboard, (tower is also acceptable in place of Springboard), chair (combo chair is recommended), Arc (foam arc is necessary for the work on the Reformer), and large ladder barrel.

        🔹 Pay by Module: $900 / module

        🔹 Testing: $350 for the full course; or $150 per module

        🔹 Class manuals: $40 per module

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