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Pilates for rehab

Love Pilates for rehab?

Earn your Pilates for Rehab  Certification

Synergy+ offers a unique Pilates for Rehabilitation certification course taught by a California Board Certified physical therapist and Certified Pilates Teacher. The course is designed to be taken online or in person. Students will be required to take both a written and a practical exam at our studio in San Rafael upon completion of the course.

Course Info

The Rehabilitation program is specifically for certified Pilates instructors and serious Pilates practitioners wishing to integrate PILATES exercises for rehabilitation and injury prevention into their practice. Instructors will learn a systematic movement-based approach to exercises including observation and understanding of faulty movement strategies and its correlation with pain and pathology. In addition, participants will learn how to facilitate optimal movement to enhance rehabilitation through cuing and tactile facilitation of the Pilates repertoire.

Specifically, through this course you will learn:

  • To understand common Syndromes and diagnoses and be able to define them
  • To understand contraindications for clients with specific diagnoses
  • To gain insight into the latest research on Pilates in Rehabilitation
  • To understand common compensation patterns of the movement that present with specific diagnoses
  • To be able to choose “best” exercises for clients based on their diagnosis and presentations
  • to know when to refer clients to a medical provider for further evaluation

This will be an ongoing course and can be taken in part online.  It is divided into modules as follows:

















I have been taking the pilates rehab course for the last few months & have learned so much.  It is one hour once a week so I am able to digest all the information before the next lecture.  I am growing more confident in my anatomy & in dealing with injuries that I commonly see in my clients. Zeina is a great teacher & I highly recommend taking the pilates rehab course.

Anne-Lise Reusswig

Certified Pilates Teacher

Course details

Course modules

Course modules

Module 1: Lumbar spine and SI joint

Module 2: Cervical and thoracic spine

Module 3: Hip and knees

Module 4: Feet and ankles

Module 5: Shoulders

Module 6: Elbows and wrists

Module 7: Insight to osteoporosis

Module 8: Insight to scoliosis


Pre-requisites for course attendance

In order to be accepted into our Pilates for rehab course, the student shall either be a certified Pilates instructor or be able to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the Pilates repertoire on the mat and all the Pilates equipment. To get the most out of the course, it would also be helpful to possess a basic knowledge of anatomy.

The course can be taken by module or in full.

Course cost

For each Module

Module 1 - Module 5: $350 / module

Module 7 - Module 8: $75 / Module

Testing per module: $200 per module test (includes a certificate of completion)

For the full course: $4,200

Full Testing: $350 (includes a certificate of completion)

Class manuals: $30 per module


Requirements for Completion

General Requirement

In order to complete the certification, the Student will need to perform the repertoire from pre-Pilates to the advanced repertoire as well as pass a written and practical exam that will include anatomy, exercise names, posture, and exercise modifications

Self Practice Hours Requirement

Each student is required to complete the following self -practice hours in addition to course work:

Mat – 60 Hrs

Reformer – 60 Hrs

Springboard – 30 Hrs

Cadillac – 15 Hrs

Chair – 30 Hrs

Barrel – 15 Hrs

Student Teaching Hours Requirement

Each student is required to complete the following teaching hours in order to receive a certificate:

Mat – 100 Hrs

Reformer – 100 Hrs

Springboard – 50 Hrs

Cadillac – 25 Hrs

Chair – 25 Hrs

Barrel – 25 Hrs

Assistant Teaching Requirements

Within the self-practice and student teaching hours, the Student needs to have 10 hours of assistant teaching for group classes (either at Synergy+’s place of business or other facility), and 20 hours of observation of private sessions.

Examination Requirement

Each student will be required to pass both a written exam and a practical exam in order to receive his/her certification.

Course Material

Additional cost/expenses:  Each student will be responsible for the purchase of his/her own manuals in addition to the course material that is distributed during class.  These can be purchased through Synergy+ or independently.

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