Pilates For Rehab

Posture Workshop

Zeina A Grifoni
The opportunity to study with Zeina was an honor. Her Pilates for rehab course was very thorough and well taught. Zeina was very generous of time, spirit and knowledge for the zillions of questions that I asked regarding any part of the curriculum.
Allegra Gibson

Certified Pilates Teacher

I have been taking the pilates rehab course for the last few months & have learned so much.  I am growing more confident in my anatomy & in dealing with injuries that I commonly see in my clients. Zeina is a great teacher & I highly recommend taking this course.
Anne-Lise Reusswig

Certified Pilates Teacher

3-Hour In-Studio or Online Workshop


Understand the basis of all our movement, through posture!

Learn to conduct a postural analysis and practice on your classmates

Learn common postural deviations

Understand how postural changes can cause pain and poor body function 

Zeina Grifoni, Physical Therapist

POSTURE WORKSHOP SEPTEMBER 23, 2021, from 9 AM to Noon, PST. At the studio in San Rafael, California, or online on ZOOM.


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This 3-hour long workshop is taught by Zeina A. Grifoni, a licensed physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and movement and rehab specialist. She is the owner of Synergy+ Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio in San Rafael, CA and in Locarno, Switzerland. Zeina has been teaching Pilates certification courses since 2005.

The workshop is taught in the studio. You are welcome to join us at our studio in San Rafael, California. In consideration of COVID-19, we are also broadcasting it live on ZOOM.

Specifically, in each module you will learn:

How to stand up straighter

How to get your shoulders back in the correct position

What it actually means to be in good posture

How to make a posture analysis to see if one has a faulty posture

The best stretches and strenghtening exercises for correcting faulty posture

Practical life application for the athlete, for the dancer, or just for movement and correct posture enthusiast

Most importantly:

You will learn more about your posture and how to keep your body healthy and, in good posture!!


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