Virtual Pilates Instructor Certification Course

This Course is for You if

You are ready for a new career, be your own boss, and help people

You are thinking about adding Pilates to your practice

You want to be a better dancer, golfer, athlete and improve your performance

Or you just want to master your Pilates and share its benefits

Course starts on June 5, 2021


Synergy+ has been teaching  Pilates instructor certification courses since 2005. The courses are taught by a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, and movement and rehabilitation specialist, and they are based on a modern Pilates repertoire originating from Joseph Pilates’s original work. The original Pilates principles are maintained through the repertoire and exercises are taught in their original sequences, with precise rhythm and flow. Also ingrained in the Synergy+ repertoire are ideas for exercise modifications providing a more in-depth knowledge of how to work with all types of clients, from someone with an injury to the competitive athlete. This comprehensive certification course includes:

Lectures & demo

On all Pilates equipment and mat

anatomy review

A review of applied basic anatomy


A posture  &  gait workshop

Q&A sessions

All modules include Q&A sessions

breakout rooms

Supervised practice in all modules

video recording

All sessions are recorded


In order to be accepted into our Pilates Instructor Training, we require the student to possess both physical strength and basic knowledge of anatomy and of the Pilates repertoire. It is also highly recommended but not required that the student has at least 40 hours of prior Pilates training.

In addition, for the virtual courses, the student should have access to the Pilates equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel & Arc, and Springboard,


to complete the Pilates Teacher certification, each student will need to perform the repertoire from pre-Pilates to the advanced repertoire as well as pass a written exam that will include anatomy, exercise names, posture, and exercise modifications.

Students without adequate strength and/or without prior Pilates experience may take longer to complete the certification program, and they will have the ability to postpone final testing.



  • The teachers of the course are physical therapists and certified Pilates teachers with 30 years of combined experience in the field of rehabilitation, sports medicine, and fitness.


  • Presented weekly over a four month period that takes into consideration busy schedules.


  • Join the Synergy+’ team of highly qualified instructors or we can help you start your own Pilates business.


Get an idea of our teaching style by watching any or all of the following excerpts from one of our certification courses.

COURSE details


Anatomy Module – Applied basic anatomy. 14 hours of lecture on the following topics:

  1. Intro module: planes of movement, and anatomy basics
  2. Spine: lumbar and SI joint
  3. Spine: cervical and Thoracic Spine
  4. Hip/Knee
  5. Ankle/Foot
  6. Shoulder
  7. Elbow/Wrist/hand

Module 1 – Pilates Concepts Review, Mat and Foam Roller – 10-hour module

Module 2 – Reformer – 10-hour module

Module 3 – Springboard – 6-hour module

Module 4 – Chair – 8-hour module

Module 5 – Cadillac – 4-hour module

Module 6 – Barrel/Arc and Course Wrap Up – 4-hour module


Posture Workshop – 2.5 – 3 hours lecture demo and lab.
  • understand the basis of all our movement, through posture!
  • learn to conduct a postural analysis and practice on your classmates
  • learn common postural deviations
  • understand how postural changes can cause pain and poor body function
Gait Workshop – 2.5-3 hours lecture and lab
  • understand the basic mechanics of a walking gait stride
  • learn appropriate amounts of range of motion necessary for a proper gait cycle
  • learn to assess for abnormalities in a gait pattern
  • practice a gait analysis on your classmates

Pay in full: 

Option 1: All virtual – $4,200

All lectures, demos, practice, and testing will be done remotely. The students need to have access to all Pilates equipment (Mat, foam roller, Reformer, Cadillac, Springboard, (tower is also acceptable in place of Springboard), chair (combo chair is recommended), Arc (foam arc is necessary for the work on the Reformer), and large ladder barrel.

Option 2: Virtual + in Studio – $4,800

All lectures and demos will be done remotely. The practice will be done in studio in our San Rafael location, once a week following the curriculum of the modules. A certified Pilates instructor will be present at the studio to assist with the movements for hands on correction while the instruction is done virtually.

Option 3: Intensive in Studio – $4,800

Week-long, 7-day, 6-7 hours per day intensive course at our studio in San Rafael, CA. It will cover all the material in the course. From Day 1 to Day 5 we will cover Module 1 to Module 5 (Mat to Barrel/Arc). Day 6 will be the posture and gait workshops. Day 7 will be anatomy review and questions. Students are required to self-study the anatomy module online before the start of the course or to take our live anatomy virtual course ahead of the start date of the course. (Next anatomy course starts in June 2021).  Testing for the certification will take place at a later date, either virtually or in person depending on the location.

Pay by Module: $900 / module

Testing and Certificate of Completion

Testing and certificate of completion are included in the prices above.


Class manuals: $40 per module


General Requirement

In order to complete the certification, the Student will need to perform the repertoire from pre-Pilates to the advanced repertoire as well as pass a written and practical exam that will include anatomy, exercise names, posture, and exercise modifications

Self Practice Hours Requirement

Each student is required to complete the following self -practice hours in addition to course work:

Mat – 60 Hours

Reformer – 60 Hours

Springboard – 30 Hours

Cadillac – 15 Hours

Chair – 30 Hours

Barrel – 15 Hours

Student Teaching Hours Requirement

Each student is required to complete the following teaching hours in order to receive a certificate:

Mat – 100 Hours

Reformer – 100 Hours

Springboard – 50 Hours

Cadillac – 25 Hours

Chair – 25 Hours

Barrel – 25 Hours

Assistant Teaching Requirements

Within the self-practice and student teaching hours, the Student needs to have 10 hours of assistant teaching for group classes (either at Synergy+’s place of business or other facility), and 20 hours of observation of private sessions.

Examination Requirement

Each student will be required to pass both a written exam and a practical exam in order to receive his/her certification.

Course Material

Additional cost/expenses:  Each student will be responsible for the purchase of his/her own manuals in addition to the course material that is distributed during class.  These can be purchased through Synergy+ or independently.


Required Reference Material

  1. Pilates, Joseph H., Return to Life Through Contrology, Pilates Method Alliance, INC, Miami, 2003. ISBN 0-9768232-0-9
  2. Kendall, McCreary, Provance; Muscles Testing and function, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, current version.

Recommended Reference Material

  1. PMA certification manual. (This can be attained on the PMA web site)
  2. Anatomy atlas: such as Netter and/or Trail Guide to the Body.
  3. 3D for Medical Complete Anatomy App. (