My mission has always been to help others achieve their goals. I set out on my own in 2005, after years of working as a physical therapist.

Synergy+ is the evolution of my lifelong goal of creating healing repertoires that are built piece by piece for each and every person.

Everyone has their own problems, but we all share the same body. Knowing how it all fits together is the key to understanding how to address individual issues.

This course combines all the knowledge and experience I’ve synthesized in over 20 years of healing others.

Zeina A. Grifoni is a licensed physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and movement and rehab specialist.

She is the owner of Synergy+ Physical Therapy & Pilates Studio in San Rafael, CA and in Locarno, Switzerland. Zeina has been teaching Pilates certification courses since 2005.

Zeina Grifoni

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Physical Therapist who feels they don’t have enough time, or freedom to truly help your clients
  • A Pilates practitioner who is looking to address weaknesses or unique physical issues.
  • A business owner who is looking to adopt a truly powerful healing modality for their client


Unlock the Healing Power of Pilates

Joe Pilates himself was a sickly child who suffered from asthmarickets, and rheumatic fever. Out of pure determination, he dedicated his entire life to improving his physical strength. For Joe, Pilates was a healing process, and it can be the same for you.

Pilates from the start was a healing modality, with the goal of building strength. It goes beyond just getting the body to function, but allows it to thrive. It allows us to perfect our body, by building strength in all our muscles, big and small.

There are many different things you can address by combining the mentality of Pilates with Physical Therapy. Pilates provides you with a way to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and ligaments in a more holistic way then using PT alone.

Going to the gym for a Mat Pilates class may be a good way to get fit, but you may have back issues that prevent you. The difference at Synergy+ is we can help that person regardless.

You can build strength to increase performance, but a part of body may be too weak. Combining these modalities in our unique blend is how we can get people moving and increasing performance regardless of their starting point.


Hear what my students have to say

I was so impressed with Zeina’s clarity and detail in how she presents the exercises-from exactly the way to perform the exercise, to the progressions as well as modifications for nearly any injury-this course will provide anyone the skill set to be an excellent Pilates instructor.
Laura Winner

DPT & Certified Pilates Teacher

The opportunity to study with Zeina, was an honor. Her training program was very thorough from practice to anatomy to the history of Pilates. Zeina was very generous of time, spirit and knowledge for the zillions of questions that I asked regarding any part of the curriculum.
Allegra Gibson

Certified Pilates Teacher

Forging a Philosophy that Works

Why am I so confident in my methods?

It’s based on sound scientific knowledge and established practices. I’m not inventing a whole new modality, but rather understanding exising ones completely. I then developed processes to dive into every detail of the issues my clients face.

My extensive knowledge of anatomy and healing modalities allows me to build the perfect program for each person.

The most important thing:

It works

Many of the people who come to me have been many other places before. They were exposed to the methods that were insufficient. They went the “prescribed” route, but found no success.

What’s Included in the course

Complete certification course recognized by the National Pilates Certification

Applied Basic Anatomy

Mat & Roller






14 Hours of Applied Basic Anatomy

✅ Planes of movement & anatomy basics

✅ Lumbar Spine and SI joint

Cervical and Thoracic Spine

Hip & Knee

✅ Ankle & Foot

✅ Shoulder

✅ Elbow/Wrist/Hand

Posture Workshop:

✅ Understand the basis of all our movement, through posture!

✅ Learn to conduct a postural analysis and practice on your classmates

✅ Learn common postural deviations

✅ Understand how postural changes can cause pain and poor body function


The Gait Workshop:

✅ Understand the basic mechanics of a walking gait stride

✅ Learn appropriate amounts of range of motion necessary for a proper gait cycle

✅ Learn to assess for abnormalities in a gait pattern

✅ Practice a gait analysis on your classmates

Here’s a sample of the course


Your class commitment is 4-hour per week for 3 months.

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