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Physical Therapy

I like the Pilates instructors and their personal attention to class attendees. I also think Zeina is a fabulous PT and have recommended her for PT services on countless occasions.

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Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Rehab

At Synergy+, our physical therapists primarily use manual therapy in combination with Pilates-based exercises in their orthopedic rehabilitation programs. Our approach of combining manual therapy with Pilates-based exercises has shown to successfully treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system and it is the cornerstone of our physical therapy programs. Manual therapy, also known as hands-on physical therapy, uses no devices or machines while performing skilled, specific hands-on techniques such as soft tissue work and mobilization/manipulation. Other benefits of manual therapy include relaxed muscles, increased circulation, scar tissue mobilization, reduced soft tissue inflammation, and improved joint function, mechanics and alignment. Therapeutic exercise combined with manual therapy and been proven to provide the best rehabilitation results.

Using Pilates exercises and manual therapy we can assess and treat the whole person, not just a specific injury or symptom. And at Synergy+ we aim to identify and correct problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause pain and injury. This allows for decreased chance of re-injury and timely return to daily activity and sports.



Sports Rehab

Synergy+ Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio offers an industry-leading Pilates-based Sports Rehabilitation Program tailored to meet the physical demands of the athlete, the performing artist, and the recreational athlete. Our physical therapists understand body mechanics and systematically analyze not only the specific injury but the whole person to find the best treatment approach. Our treatments primarily use manual therapy in combination with Pilates-based exercises.

Our approach of combining manual therapy with Pilates-based exercises encourage the patient's active participation in the healing process. Our practice encompasses athletic injury management under 5 main categories:

  • Acute care – assessment and diagnosis of an initial injury;
  • Treatment – application of specialist advice, manual and therapeutic exercises to encourage healing;
  • Rehabilitation – continued progressive management for a full return to sports;
  • Prevention – identification, and correction of deficiencies that can perpetuate, or act as precursors to injury, using movement assessment
  • Education – sharing of specialist knowledge to individual athletes, teams or clubs to assist in the prevention or management of injury

Our results have shown that our approach leads the injured person to faster recovery time, more permanent recovery, and a decrease in the likelihood of injury. Our hands-on mobilization/manipulation techniques combined with Pilates-based exercises assist to reduce pain, correct joint mechanics and allow for a timely return to sports and daily function.



Specialty Services

Our physical therapists and Pilates Instructors are experts at identifying your unique therapy needs. They have earned advanced degrees and certifications, are able to identify special conditions and develop programs specifically designed to achieve your rehabilitation goals. Our specialty services are listed below. Click on any of the services to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

Women’s Health

Synergy+ offers an innovative approach to women's health using Pilates-based physical therapy in a peaceful and supportive environment, that's designed by women for women. Our physical therapy women's health addresses women's issues related to the female reproductive system, childbirth, and post-partum. It also addresses incontinence, pelvic pain, and other disorders associated with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our women's health services








Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a disease characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility and an increased risk of fractures of the hip, spine, and wrist. Men, as well as women, are affected by osteoporosis. Our physical therapists offer an effective treatment for osteoporosis that helps restore healthy movement, function, and bone strength. They also teach exercises for bone health and ways to manage daily, functional activities to reduce your chances of having an osteoporosis-related fracture.

Our osteoporosis services




Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty, but can also occur as an adult. Our physical therapists have developed a unique methodology to manage and decrease the effects of scoliosis through a combination of manual therapy, scoliosis-specific physical therapy, Pilates exercises, and postural changes.


Our scoliosis services



Chronic pain

Chronic pain is usually caused by an initial injury, such as a back sprain or pulled muscle. It's believed that chronic pain develops after nerves become damaged, increasing pain intensity. Our physical therapists can play an important role in managing chronic pain. They can administer treatments that include strengthening and flexibility exercises, manual therapy, posture awareness, and body mechanics instruction to help reduce pain flare-ups and give self-management tools for reducing overall pain.

Our physical therapists are trained to work together with people who suffer from chronic pain to lessen pain and restore activity. With physical therapy treatment, the negative effects of chronic pain can be reduced. At Synergy+, we treat pain through movement, manual therapy, and patient education. Increased physical activity can increase quality of life, decrease the chance of secondary illness, and increase bone and joint health. It can also help metabolism and the production of endorphins which have been shown to decrease pain.

Balance issues

A balance disorder or decreased stability is a disturbance that causes an individual to feel unsteady, for example when standing or walking. It can be caused by many underlying issues. Our physical therapists are experts finding the source of the balance issue and creating exercise programs (especially using Pilates as the exercise method) that can help maintain physical activity, increase strength, and prevent falls.

Our balance disorder services



Gait dysfunction

Gait abnormality or dysfunction is a deviation from normal walking (gait). Commonly, gait dysfunctions can be associated with impairment of the nervous and/or the musculoskeletal systems, post-incident, or surgery. It is important to retrain gait mechanics post-injury in order to restore function, decrease compensatory patterns and return to sports and recreational activities

Research has shown that gait abnormalities are associated with an increased risk of falls in older adults. The combination of manual therapy and Pilates exercises used by our physical therapists has shown to dramatically help improve gait and decrease risks of falling by increasing the patient's strength, coordination, and range of motion in a coordinated fashion.

Our gait dysfunction services



Myofascial release

Myofascial release is a therapy that is useful for treating skeletal muscle and fascial immobility. It can relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles. Our one-on-one physical therapy sessions are hands-on treatments during which our therapists use a multitude of Myofascial Release techniques, including cupping and Gua Sha, as well as movement therapies to facilitate the release of the fascia.

Our myofascial release and decompression services



Ergonomic setup

Studies have shown that ergonomic set up in the workspace, whether at the office or at home, can not only reduce injury and pain but boost productivity and overall satisfaction. Setups include: selecting the proper desk and chair, type of keyboard, mouse, and screen, as well as adjusting for proper distance from the body. Our physical therapists will teach proper posture and mechanics while at the work station and help create the perfect ergonomic workplace. In addition, they can teach the best stretching and resistance exercises to do throughout the workday that can increase energy and decrease the chance of pain, strain, or injury that can otherwise result.

Our ergonomic set up services



Bike fit

Cyclists spend hours on their bike which can cause pain and discomfort if the bike is incorrectly set up. Serious cyclists will tell you that proper bike fit is essential to

  1. Produce the most power and efficiency,
  2. Increase strength, and
  3. Decrease strain on the body and pain in the joints, legs, back, neck, and wrists.

In addition, a good fit can also help prevent overuse injuries that result from an improper position. The correct position will vary from person to person, depending on factors like style of riding, flexibility, strength, and competitiveness. Our bike fits are done by physical therapists who can also recommend the best stretching and strengthening exercises that will enhance performance and prevent injury.

Our bike fit services


Running analysis

Running can be a great form of exercise and cardiovascular fitness. However, running is a very high impact and repetitive activity that can cause overuse injuries when the running mechanics are not ideal. So, why is assessing how you run important? A running analysis is aimed at identifying individual movement patterns including body position, foot strike, hip and knee alignment, and overall technique. It can also identify issues in the body, such as joint stiffness, muscle weakness or tightness, hypo or hypermobility.

Some of the more common running injuries we see include:

  • Hip pain
  • Knee injury
  • Iliotibial band dysunction
  • Stress fractues, and
  • Back pain

Our running analysis services


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