Osteoporosis is a disease defined by low bone mass. It can lead to bone fragility. People with osteoporosis have an increased risk of:

 1- Hip fractures
2- Spine fracture, and
3- Wrist fractures.

Both men and women can have this disease. At Synergy+, our physical therapists teach you the following:

 1- Effective treatments that help restore healthy movement, function, and bone strength
2- Exercises for bone health, and
3- How to perform daily and functional activities.

Their goal is to reduce your chances of osteoporosis-related fracture.


Does osteoporosis run in your family?
This disease can be genetic. To maintain healthy bones and maximize bone production it is important to:
1- Follow a regular and well-designed exercise program
2- Adhere to a healthy diet
Synergy+ can help you do both. In particular, we are experts in designing custom exercise programs. These Pilates-based programs can help you to:
1- Reduce the likelihood of developing the disease
2- Increase muscle strength and tension of the bones
3- Assist in healthy, continued bone development.


Do you have Osteoporosis or are you at risk of developing it?
It is not too late to start a bone-healthy exercise program. A regular, well-designed exercise program can help you:
1- Strengthens bones and muscles
2- Improve balance and coordination
3- Prevent falls and fall-related fractures
4- Prevent disability.

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