One of my early childhood memories was jeans shopping during the early 80’s pour-yourself-into-your-Jordash-jeans era and not finding any that fit over my thighs. My mom then took me to the boys’ department where the fit was more relaxed and promised that no one would ever know where my jeans were from. Every time tight jeans were the trend, I’d head back to the boys’ or mens’ department to find a pair that fit. I bet you can imagine how elated I was when stretchy jeans arrived on the scene in my 30’s!

Because my thighs were shapely and didn’t look like the models I’d see in magazines and on TV,  it took time to fully appreciate how strong they made me and that they were actually a gift. Those thighs were my secret power! I learned that my thighs were why I could backflip high in the air, swim butterfly better than my peers while out kicking even the boys in the swimming pool, bike up steep hills, and run for miles and miles.

It was only later during physical therapy school and while working as a physical therapist that I witnessed what happens when the thighs and glutes aren’t working properly: loss of balance, gait disturbances, inability to get out of a chair (or off the toilet!), and even the inability to get off the floor. More subtly, inner thighs help lift the pelvic floor and provide support for the abdominal muscles which is why Joe Pilates considered them part of his Pilates “Powerhouse”.

I am grateful for my thighs and celebrate the power and support that they give me every day. Please join me for one of our Livestream thigh-centric Pilates classes this week and build strength, confidence and a newfound appreciation for all your amazing muscles!

In gratitude and health,

Zeina A. Grifoni, MPT

Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Synergy+ Founder