Myofascial release

Myofascial release is useful for treating muscle and fascia immobility. This technique helps to:

1- Relax contracted muscles
2- Improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and
3- Stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.

Our one-on-one physical therapy sessions are hands-on treatments. The therapists use these techniques to facilitate the release of the fascia.

1- Cupping and Gua Sha,
2- Pilates-based movement therapies


Our physical therapists use manual therapy to:

1- Release fascia tightness, and
2- Improve muscle imbalance

Their goal is to:

1- Restore a proper length-tension relation in the body
2- Decrease the cycle of fascia tightness and muscular strain

This allows for greater freedom of movement and decreased pain.


Cupping therapy is based on an Eastern ancient form of medicine. It is believed that suction or of the tissues:

1- Decreases skin tissue tensions
2- Increases blood flow, and
3- Increased freedom of movement.

Our physical therapists use cupping therapy to release tight muscle and fascia. Gua Sha may also be used in order to promote healing by:

1- Release of muscle and fascia tension, and
2- Increasing blood flow

These techniques can be used to treat many types of muscle and fascia issues. They include:

1- Neck and shoulder pain
2- Tight trapezius muscles
3- Lower back pain
4- Spinal congestion
5- Plantar fasciitis, and
6- Iliotibial band dysfunction.

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