Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Rehab

At Synergy+, our physical therapists primarily use manual therapy in combination with Pilates-based exercises in their orthopedic rehabilitation programs. Our approach of combining manual therapy with Pilates-based exercises has shown to successfully treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system and it is the cornerstone of our physical therapy programs. Manual therapy, also known as hands-on physical therapy, uses no devices or machines while performing skilled, specific hands-on techniques such as soft tissue work and mobilization/manipulation. Other benefits of manual therapy include relaxed muscles, increased circulation, scar tissue mobilization, reduced soft tissue inflammation, and improved joint function, mechanics and alignment. Therapeutic exercise combined with manual therapy and been proven to provide the best rehabilitation results.

Using Pilates exercises and manual therapy we can assess and treat the whole person, not just a specific injury or symptom. And at Synergy+ we aim to identify and correct problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause pain and injury. This allows for decreased chance of re-injury and timely return to daily activity and sports.



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