Kim Corelli


Certified Pilates instructor since 2016

Kim Corelli, Pilates Instructor

Kim embraced the opportunity to pursue her love of Pilates with the Instructor training at Synergy+.  Prior to this, her career was mostly sedentary and in an office environment.   Based on her experience as a corporate professional, Kim understands how important movement is, yet how difficult it can be to find the time to incorporate it into already full lives.  Kim has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years in both private and group classes.  In addition to Pilates, she swims, cycles and does the occasional sprint triathlon.  As an active individual, she uses Pilates to improve strength and flexibility and to ensure she can remain active well into the future.  Kim believes that movement in the form of exercise and activity not only helps her physically, but is also an important factor in her mental well-being.

Kim is passionate about helping our clients find the right balance so they can incorporate Pilates and other forms of exercise in their daily lives.  She understands the demands of busy professionals, parents and grandparents as well as the effects of aging.  She uses her Pilates training to help others gain and maintain strong bodies and with that, healthy and active lives.

Kim is a Bay Area native.  In addition to staying fit, her hobbies include painting, gardening, and knitting.

The staff is very friendly and makes me feel welcomed. I get a good workout at each session. Instructors will take the time to help anyone who is having problems with a specific movement.

Sue L

Pilates client

Expert attention paid to everyone in the class by excellent instructors who give great encouragement.

Patty P

Pilates client

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