Jennifer Ruggero


Certified Pilates instructor since 2018


Certified Yoga instructor since 2019

For almost as long as she can remember, fitness has been a part of Jen’s life. Whether conditioning for another ski season, exercising to offset an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, or stretching on the reformerto wipe away a stressful day in court, movement has been an essential part of her life to maintain balance. In a world where the fast pace of daily life leads to many stress induced health issues, Jen sees movement as the most effective “medicine” to either prevent or reduce the damaging effects of stress on our mental, physical and emotional states. She learned firsthand the effects of stress on the body. Prior to calling working in Pilates, Jen could be found pacing in front of a San Francisco jury making the case for one of her clients.

As her legal career realized increasing success over 12 years, the challenge to find balance in her life proved ever more difficult.  Jen had broken many bones in her body during her youth, however, it was the last break that occurred during her professional career that made the biggest impression, ultimately resulting in the implantation of a steel rod in her ankle.  Told byher orthopedic surgeon that she would not be able to run, ski or jump ever again, Jen was determined not to let those words define her capability. After spending months with very restricted movement, she began the daunting task of coming back the only way she knew how, one step at a time. Four years after her surgery, and after many frustrating workouts, Jen was able to bring her body back to ninety percent of her pre-break mobility. Forever changed by the experience, Jen believes the human body is the most amazing gift each of us has been given; one that must be honored, cared for and maintained for the optimum life experience. 

She is passionate about working hard and helping you find your fitness edge, while still respecting your body’s conditions and limitations. Whether in the courtroom or the fitness room, she feels that it is in being seen and working together that we elevate each other to our personal best. She works as a personal therapy assistant at synergy, teaches group classes at synergy and is certified in TRX®, ACE® personal training, pilates, heavy bag boxing and group class boot camps.  She is passionate about formand building the body correctly and intentionally.  Don't let her fool you-she teaches her classes in the same manner she prefers them- challenging.  You will see her around the studio either taking a class or teaching.  Get ready for her intensity, attention to form and high energy.

Great Pilate instructors! They understand your injuries and try to modify your program, even if there are 6 people in a class. It is fantastic that they have evening classes for the working individual.

Sharrieann W

Pilates client

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