Today, we want to share our wonderful client, Peggy’s, story of healing and discovery. Over the course of many years, Zeina has helped Peggy heal from several injuries through PT and Pilates while providing the tools needed to build greater awareness and understanding about her body and how it’s all connected. 

Peggy’s Story

“I have been seeing Zeina for 7ish years now, both for PT as well as for group Pilates.  I have seen her for multiple partial hamstring tears, a slipped disk in my back, an out of alignment rib, a sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis, etc.  She has become the person I go to first when I have injured myself.  Very often, my injury has been the result of increasing my physical activity too abruptly and/or not stretching regularly.  Time and time again, I come to her broken and fearful that I’ll be sidelined for months and months.  Time and time again, she has a plan.  Not once have I felt judged because maybe I “should have” trained more wisely or because I “should have” stretched more.  I have learned to trust her when she says, “We can get you moving again very soon”.  She is so intuitive and has such a deep understanding of how all body parts affect each other.  I believe trusting her and believing that my body is capable of healing has made each injury heal more quickly than the last.  By having confidence in my own body, I am able to be more patient while healing and I am also able to know when I can push my body more.  During both our private PT sessions as well as the group Pilates classes, Zeina and her team have taught me how to listen to my body, engage muscles that I never knew existed, and how to relax them too.  

In February, I wiped out skiing…again.  Now, I really am not a very experienced skier and probably didn’t belong on that particular ski run.  This wipeout caused minor tearing of both my hip flexor as well as the tendon connecting my glute and hamstring.  Ugh.  This meant no running, no biking, no hiking, NO FUN.  Zeina got right to business with a plan of action.  Unfortunately, I only got to see her twice for PT before the Shelter In Place order went into effect.  Four weeks into SIP with very little progress with the injury, we decided to try ZOOM PT sessions, although both she and I were skeptical.  I’ve always assumed Zeina’s healing has been in her “magic fingers”.  I have now only seen her for a handful of virtual PT sessions, and I am thrilled to say I am healing everyday.  What she is able to see, analyze and correct from her screen and from our conversations is incredible.  I am out of pain, getting stronger and feel confident that I will be able to achieve my goal of riding my bike to the top of Mt. Tam with my family on Father’s Day!  I am thinking about committing to a 1/2 marathon in the fall as well.  I am grateful for Zeina and her team every day!” ——Peggy 

Thank you, Peggy, for sharing your story and for all your commitment and dedication to your journey with us. We are lucky to have you in the Synergy+ community and cant to hear about your continued adventures!

In health,

Zeina A. Grifoni, MPT

Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Synergy+ Founder