Genevieve Hand


Certified Pilates instructor since 2017

Genevieve is a Bay Area dance artist who received her Pilates certification from Synergy+ in 2017. She came to Pilates initially to rehab from a dance-related injury and quickly came to understand its benefits for physical rehab, strength training, and cross training for dance. While Genevieve is passionate about working with dancers and athletes to help them reach their fullest potential, she also loves working with people who just feel they need more movement in their lives. She believes strongly in the healing power of movement and recognizes how difficult it can be to put make physical health a priority in our overfilled lives. To that end, she works with clients to tailor programs that will work with their body and their lifestyle.

Genevieve moved back to the Bay Area after graduating from UCSB with a BFA in Dance and a BA in Physical Anthropology. She has danced with various companies across California in both ballet and modern styles and has taught dance at various studios in the Bay Area. Her hunger for knowledge about the workings of human anatomy is what drives her focus in her Pilates practice. 

I’m so happy my physical therapist referred me to Synergy + last year. Everyone has been so good to work with and working with my special needs. The new monthly membership has enabled me to come up to 7 days a week, although I usually come 4 days a week. It’s a great way to get in shape for a 60 something woman!

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