Freda Weitzer


Board certified physical therapist since 2003


Certified Pilates instructor since 2019

Freda received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA in 2017.  She is in the process of completing her Pilates Teacher Training at Synergy+. She is a local of West Marin. Freda decided to pursue a career in physical therapy after experiencing a major illness and period of disability. Both physical therapy and Pilates were instrumental in her process of re-learning to walk and becoming able-bodied again.

Freda loves her job! She particularly enjoys helping people identify their strengths and weaknesses and establish a plan for how to maximize confident and comfortable movement. Freda enjoys working with people of all ages experiencing musculoskeletal and neurological limitations. She employs a combination of manual therapy to help achieve proper mobility of tissues and targeted exercises so that clients can maintain and further develop their movement.

When not working, Freda enjoys being in nature, spending time with her parents, traveling, and most of all relaxing.

My Physical Therapist was Freda Weitzer. The Pilates equipment was helpful in my recovery and she made it easy to understand how to use it and to benefit from each of the exercises.

Madge G

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