Ergonomic setup

Studies have shown that ergonomic set up in the workspace can:

1- Reduce likelihood of injury
2- Reduce pain
3- Boost productiveness and overall satisfaction.

Setups include:

1- Selecting the proper desk and chair, keyboard, mouse, and screen
2- Adjusting for proper distance of the above from the body.

Our physical therapists are adept at:

1- Teaching proper posture and mechanics while at the work station
2- Helping to create the perfect ergonomic workplace
3- Teaching the best stretching and resistance exercises to do throughout the workday. These can increase energy, decrease the chance of developing pain, strain, or injury.


Our physical therapists will:

  • Teach proper posture while at the workstation
  • Make recommendations for the workstation set up based on each individual
  • Help schedule proper breaks and appropriate exercises and stretches that can be done while at the workstation
  • Recommend supportive equipment such as chairs, keyboards, and back support based on individual needs
  • Help set up the workstation to decrease the impact on the body

Free Consultation

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