Pilates 14 day challenge

Get ready to challenge your Pilates knowledge and learn something new.

We cover the whole body and provide a great way to strengthen everything. Studio level instruction brought to directly to your inbox, every day.  Zeina breaks down every workout in detail, sharing her over 20 years of knowledge.

What you’ll get:

– 10 Daily lessons delivered by email

– Cover exercises for Glutes, Hamstrings, Abs, Back, Shoulders, Calfs, Quads, and more

– Breakdowns of each exercise in detail


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Who are we?


Synergy+ is a boutique Pilates and physical therapy studio founded in 2005 by Zeina A. Grifoni, licensed physical therapist and nationally certified Pilates teacher. Synergy+ mission its community build and maintain strong, healthy, and active bodies. Our therapists and instructors have created a unique blend of Physical therapy & Pilates that can offer healing from injuries and pain in addition to alignment, posture, and strength for increased fitness, injury prevention, and sports performance.