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Corporate wellness

We offer local businesses the opportunity to let their employees become members of our studio and take Pilates classes to improve their health and wellness. Employees of local businesses can either join individually and enjoy $25 off the individual membership of $225 per month or can join with 2 or more of their colleagues and share the membership. We can also customize our offerings as follows:

  • Organize a class at the studio just for your company, or
  • We can come to you! Offering a mat class in your place of business

In addition, we also offer the following services:

  • Postural evaluations while the employees are at their workstations
  • Adjust¬†workstations for the best ergonomic setup
  • Identify and avoid possible problematic repetitive strain issues
  • Identify weaknesses and tightness that may contribute to poor posture and pain.
  • Increase blood flow and energy levels
  • Provide onsite physical therapy for any issues as they arise
  • Provide overall wellness

Benefits of our corporate wellness program



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