Does exercise really help support the immune system? This is a complex question as there are many kinds of exercise and varying intensities but the exciting news is YES, moderate exercise boosts and aids the immune system!  

Now may not be the time to plan and train for a marathon or physically demanding activity of any kind as this can tax the whole body and cause a temporary decline in immune system function. It is, however, a great time to start practicing your own version of moderate exercise like hiking and a fantastic time to hone in on building strength with Pilates!


The benefits:

The Journal of Sport and Health Sciences has compiled a comprehensive report on exercise and immunity. Some of the many benefits include increased blood circulation, a boost in the amount of T-cells, decreased levels of inflammation, increased energy, decreased stress, and overall better health and wellness. If you are an exercise nerd, like me, you may enjoy reading the full article!

Pilates is a great form of exercise to strengthen your core muscles, get your blood moving and align your body and posture. Getting your heart rate up with moderate cardiovascular exercise for 60 minutes or less per day gives your immune system a boost without overtaxing to help you reduce stress, build muscle and stay healthy. 


Ready to get moving?

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In health,

Zeina A. Grifoni, MPT

Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Synergy+ Founder