Cyclists spend hours on their bike. And serious cyclists will tell you that proper bike fit is essential to:

1- Produce the most power and efficiency
2- Increase strength
3- Decrease strain on the body and pain in the joints, legs, back, neck, and wrists.

A good fit can also help prevent overuse injuries. The correct position on the bike varies from person to person. Factors include:

1- Style of riding, and
2- A person's flexibility, strength, and competitiveness.

After a bike fit, our physical therapists recommend the best stretch and strength exercises that will enhance performance and prevent injury.


During our bike fittings, you can expect some or all of the following:

  • Fitting of your cleats, longitudinally or laterally, according to the size and configuration of your feet
  • Assessment of your position and weight distribution on the bike
  • Adjustment of your saddle to the correct height and angle
  • Adjustment of the handlebars to the correct reach, height, and roll
  • Suggestions on any part upgrades for a better fit
  • Assessment and correction of your postural habits on the bike, and
  • Learning stretches and strength exercises that will help you decrease tension while on the bike

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