Balance Disorder

A balance disorder can cause a person to feel unsteady. Balance issues can be due to many underlying issues. Our physical therapists are experts in finding the sources of balance issues.

With their customized Pilates-based exercise program they can help you:

1- Maintain physical activity
2- Increase strength, and
3- Prevent falls.


Balance disorders can occur for a variety of reasons. Pilates and physical therapy address many of these reasons. Our physical therapists can:

1- Assess and treat muscle firing imbalances
2- Help change movement patterns to improve body alignment and stability
3- Identify and correct weak muscles, and
4- Improve gait and posture

These steps will help you improve your function in your everyday life.


Pilates as a movement therapy can enhance and improve balance. Our Pilates instructors can help you improve your balance as follows:

1- Strengthen weak core muscles, and
2- Isolate and strengthen your legs, feet, and ankle, and
3- Use Pilates equipment to mimic real-life scenarios.

Our approach provides overall confidence and stability for your everyday function.

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