Allegra Gibson


Certified Pilates instructor since 2019

The first time Allegra was exposed to Pilates was in 1995, after a major car accident. She revisited it 20 years later, after being a yoga teacher for many years. Yoga came easy for her as she is hyper-flexible. But unfortunately, her hyper flexibility coupled with poor core strength led her to many yoga-related injures. Then, on her last doctor’s visit, the doctor suggested she take a break from yoga and take on Pilates to get stronger! And so, Allegra did just that: Pilates in conjunction with physical therapy. 

Initially, when she started taking Pilates classes all she wanted was a flatter stomach. But as we all know, Pilates does more than that! Allegra quickly gained a stronger core and a stronger body overall, and with 4 classes per week, she enhanced her knowledge of Pilates. Always up for a challenge and wanting to know more, she jumped at the opportunity to take the instructor training program offered by Synergy+. The program really gave her a chance to understand the foundation, dynamics,  and mechanics of Pilates. 

Allegra is also a full-fledged visual artist. You can find her superb abstract expressionist work at

When not teaching and practicing Pilates, or painting, you can find her hiking and enjoying time with her two nephews; or just trying out something new.

The Reformer classes are just what I was looking for. No loud music and personal attention to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Mimi K

Pilates client

The opportunity to study with Zeina, was an honor. Her training program was very thorough from practice to anatomy to the history of Pilates. Zeina was very generous of time, spirit and knowledge for the zillions of questions that I asked regarding any part of the curriculum.

Allegra Gibson

Certified Pilates Teacher

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