Join our upcoming, August 31st. Be Stronger, Be Free Challenge

14 days of Pilates challenge for a stronger body, a healthier mind, and connection to your community of fellow Pilates practitioners.

What You Get

-One month of virtual Pilates classes (as many as you can stand!)
-Community and connection
-Access to top-tier pilates instructors
-Accountability and support

The Challenge

Challenge 1: Take a 30-minute virtual Pilates class, each morning from 8 am to 8:30 for 14 consecutive days!
Challenge 2: Take a short video of yourself during the class and post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the Hashtag #Synergy14DayChallenge to enter our end of the challenge lottery to win a prize. To increase your chances to win, post every day, and each time you post, your name is entered in the lottery.


The Prizes

1st prize – 1 free month of virtual Pilates classes
2nd prize – 2 Zoom Pilates privates
3rd prize – 1 Zoom Pilates Happy Hour with as many friends and you can invite

The Cost

Non-members: $99
Members: Free

Join The Challenge

Fill out this registration form and you will receive all the details to join our virtual, 14-day, Pilates challenge.