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I love that I was able to receive physical therapy and then roll right into Pilates classes when I was strong and able. I have worked with 2 physical therapists at Synergy+. Both were helpful, gentle and informative about the approach we were taking to heal my back. The pilates classes are appropriate for all levels. I hadn’t done pilates in 12 years and was a little intimidated to start again. But the instructors at Synergy+ made it easy and fun to get back into it.

Amy W

Physical therapy & Pilates client

Warm, caring, and all around amazing practitioners. I appreciate an individualized approach to my care that really takes in to account my issues. Thank you, synergy! I just joined as a member, too, and am always passing the word around about you guys.

Taryn B

Physical therapy & Pilates client


Synergy+ is a boutique Pilates and fitness studio focused on the fundamentals of Pilates with an approach centered on improving body strength and flexibility while paying attention to, identifying, and correcting problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause pain. Our Pilates classes and privates are built for anyone looking to improve fitness and achieve results without pain or discomfort. Each class is designed to increase tone, improve mood, and support individual health and fitness goals, all while having fun in a supportive and community-centric environment.

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Physical Therapy

We practice Pilates-based Physical Therapy (PBPT) and we specialize in orthopedic care, sports rehab, physical fitness, exercise programming, and overall health and wellness. Our therapists are trained in orthopedics including spinal conditions, back and neck pain, fractures, acute sports injuries, arthritis, and repetitive strain injuries. 

PBPT is an approach to healing through movement. Using Pilates exercises and traditional Physical Therapy we assess and treat the whole person, not just an injury or symptom. We are particularly adept at identifying and correcting problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause pain.

Pilates Based Physical Therapy encourages the patient’s active participation in the healing process and leads to faster recovery time & decreased likely-hood of re-injury.

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Pilates Courses

Synergy+ offers Pilates Certification courses for the Pilates enthusiast who wishes to become an expert in the Pilates repertoire and/or become a Pilates instructor, as well as Pilates for rehabilitation courses specifically designed for certified Pilates instructors and serious Pilates practitioners wishing to integrate Pilates exercises for rehabilitation and injury prevention into their practice. All courses are taught by Zeina A. Grifoni, a California board-certified physical therapist since 2002, a Certified Pilates Instructor since 2004, and a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, the professional association for Pilates teachers.

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Synergy+ works with local businesses to improve employees’ health, wellness, and performance, on and off the job. Through their employer, employees can either join our monthly class membership individually for a discounted fee or under a shared membership with 1 or more of their colleagues. Our Pilates instructors can also teach classes specific for each business at our studio or at the business location. Our Physical Therapists can also conduct ergonomic assessments and make recommendations for repetitive strain injury prevention and decreased workplace injuries. Our goal is to get all employees fit, strong, and efficient.

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employee benefits

Body Sculpting

Since July 2019, through Body Sculpting Marin, a company owned and operated by Synergy+, we provide a non-surgical and non-invasive approach to decrease fat volume, eliminate cellulite and tighten the skin using the latest technology including: Radio Frequency, vacuum, LED light and Infrared therapies. These face and body treatments have been demonstrated to effectively improve body contour, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten the skin. There are no side effects to the treatments and no pain, and the treatments leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

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